Dream. Challenge. Succeed.


Uniting our community by fostering and cultivating self esteem, and acceptance through performance’

We are now even prouder to extend our ethos to SEN. 


What is SEN/D? 

It refers to special needs and disabilities in children, teens and adults. 


What is Unite SEN?

Welcoming any physical and mental ability which may be SEN/D or mainstream children, teens who are also inactivite into our Dance, music and movement classes. Providing a safe space to unite together, express their imagination, creativity, and most importantly cultivate their self confidence.


What classes are provided? 

Dance classes 

45 minutes long 

Dance incorporates movement, imaginative creativity, improves agility, coordination and fitness levels whilst being active in a sensory atmosphere.

Our classes are aimed specifically to incorporate the needs of everyone and tailored so that every ability can participate at their own pace and level. 

It’s a wonderful therapeutic class not only for the student but for you the parent or carer to watch your child engage, respond and cultivate.


Music classes

45 minutes long 

Music is a lifelong therapeutic experience in every ability and here at Unite SEN we provide just that. Reducing anxiety, and everyday stresses will not only make your child feel released but you the parent/ carer too.

Your child will be immersed into the world of musical instruments, singing, and bringing sound to life. 

We work on creativity, imagination, speech, creating music, learning modern day songs and applying their own stance on music.

Recording and showcasing their works for all to hear.


All classes are structured for all abilities and Unite SEN aims to provide an experience that is rewarding and progressive.

Don’t just sit behind the lines, take the leap into being seen and heard! 

We would love to see your child being provided with incredible opportunities to showcase their inner selves whilst cultivating in our Unite SEN classes by professional qualified theatre industry teachers! 

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“I'm incredibly shocked at how much my daughter has improved with singing. Confidence, and the maturity of her singing voice has soared. As well has enjoying herself.Without a doubt the best teachers we have had."

Kelly Matthews