United together

We are a dance school and studio in Poole, Dorset where your child will find smiles, kindness, support and love. A dance studio where your child can express themselves through movement and flexibility, through their voice, and through their creativity. It becomes a place where they create long-lasting memories and unite with the second family they build. 
We are inclusive of every child, your child!



Your child is welcomed as an individual, as part of our united family. To be seen and heard.


To express themselves, where we nurture their beautiful creative minds, in their chosen class adventures. 


Live Photoshoot


Our top priority is your child.

Providing a sense of wonder and exploration whilst creating an encouraging environment, In purposely small class sizes giving your child the attention to flourish.

Many Dancers in Black


We have created a place where children succeed in every way, to become innovative thinkers of tomorrow.

A place where children can use life long skills they learn in the world they live. 

A place where your child can enjoy a hobby, or pursue a career in the arts. A place where you know our support is their future.

A modern vision on Singing, Acting, Acrobatics, and Dancing, realising the vast need in the community for affordable Professional, and smaller classes. 


50 years of


We have the know-how you need.


Very welcoming and supportive of children At all levels. An amazing nurturing and encouraging environment which is bolstering my children’s confidence in their abilities."