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Unite Stage Academy UK

Photography/video privacy


  • Unite Stage Academy UK will NOT publish pictures or videos if parents have not given consent via their contractual agreement.

  • Unite Stage Academy UK will NOT publish any of the children's full names via any social media websites, unless it has been discussed with the parent first and ok’d.

  • Unite Stage Academy UK do NOT allow parents to video or take pictures during classes/rehearsals/shows/examinations.

  • Unite Stage Academy UK will NOT publish a picture of a child and place where they will be for future events.

  • Unite Stage Academy UK store all of their pictures and videos on the school's laptop, memory sticks and mobile phones which are all password protected, and no one apart from the principal, and admin manager are able to access these.

  • If any organisations other than Unite Stage Academy UK are wanting to use any of Shine Academy’s pictures a written agreement with the third party company and parent would have to comply.

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