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About Unite Stage Academy

‘Uniting our community by fostering and cultivating self esteem, and acceptance through performance’


Your Childs journey starts from the minute they take their first step through our studio doors.

We offer an enchanting experience for both you and your child, "a home away from home," to express and ignite their inner creativity whilst being accepted and included for who they truly are, "Your child matters, and you matter."

Your child will cultivate through their chosen programme with the engagement, nurture and encouragement that their teacher will provide in every class through our holistic approach to teaching.

Every class has the most incredible growth and outcome because of our ethos for smaller classes for the added individual attention, and because of this it enables your child to flourish through the correct steps that unifies us together through our community and the lifelong friends and memories they make. 

We work on motivation, personal development, self-expression, and a determination to succeed.
Our timetable offers classes and private classes for all ages, abilities, and tastes in, Singing, dancing, Acrobatics, and acting. Many of our classes are designed to stimulate, inspire, captivate, and most of all Unite.
• Support the creative, intellectual, and social development of the individual as a whole.
• Provide a framework in which individual talent can grow.
• providing our own unique tastes in singing and drama.
• Acknowledge all levels of achievement and aid the discovery of hidden strengths and talents.
• Celebrate individualism and the ability to express oneself.
• Improve standards in communication through the spoken word.
• Prepare those who wish to take examinations in the arts.
• Equip candidates with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life, in particular, the ever-changing workplace which requires a more creative thinking approach and communication through a variety of media.

We believe strongly in every child, your child, and work with the pupils to discover what suites their abilities.


They have helped my son develop with confidence he couldn't speak at 3 and at 7 he did a drama speech exam. He loves his friends there and despite travelling 10 miles a day for it, he always loves every session"


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