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Dance classes in poole, dorset

At Unite we consider the service we provide to not only be of an excellent standard but also value for money. We pride ourselves on being able to offer cultivating and rewarding experiences to your children, helping them to develop performance, communication and social skills, development of confidence as well as being part of a caring community. 


Achieving this takes time, and this is why we require you to sign your child up to classes for a minimum of a month. This allows us to begin to build a relationship with them and you, and provide them with a worthwhile experience of a range of disciplines we provide in the class or classes they choose.


However, if, after 30 days, you feel you are not getting value for money or your child is not engaging with the classes, you will be entitled to your month’s subscription back, in full.

Please note that the one-off joining fee of £25 in non-refundable, as this includes administration fees and a gift pack presented to your child on joining Unite.

We want your child to feel as much part of our community as our current students do, as soon as you enter our doors.

Our gift packs can include any of the following:

  • Uniform (Either the T-shirt, or dance wear)

  • Pen and Paper pack 

  • Three little surprises

This refund policy is conditional on your child attending all the classes they have registered for.


Students must participate in all enrolled classes in their entirety for the 30 day period. If you demonstrate that you attended each and every class in its entirety and followed teacher instructions yet did not receive any positive outcome, we will happily refund you.

​Otherwise, the guarantee becomes null and void. We believe that you can't get results from something you don’t participate in.

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