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3.5 years upwards 



DRAMA!  Oh, how we love drama!  But only the really great kind that offers so many life lessons it would be impossible to list them all here.  


Through our award-winning classes your child will launch into a deep discovery of improvisation, script work, performance, and physical theatre.


We are also exceptionally proud of our LAMDA examination classes which are taught by qualified LAMDA professional actresses and boast 100% passing marks!

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Musical Production

A class where imagination comes to life for every child. 

The class focus is based on Musicals past and current, combining the full production from costumes, staging, lighting, the back story and learning to bring numbers to the stage, whilst them enhancing our learning to combine Singing, Acting and Dance.

These classes will enhance confidence, coordination, vocal training and what every child requires a sense of belonging. 

Every child is seen and heard and your child is no exception. 

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Musical Theatre

Saturdays classes where created for the busy weekday parent and child in mind. 

Musical Theatre encompasses the most popular elements of performance, singing, acting and dancing and whilst your child can choose to opt in to one, two or three of these disciplines for them to gain the most comprehensive and well rounded theatre experience.


Having found Unite Stage Academy and the different options they provide my child with, I have seen such a profound improvement in Lola and her confidence. Not just that but her reading skills have improved, also noticed by her school teacher."

Sarah Staples