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Unite Stage Academy have undertaken the full training of COVID 19 being awarded the certificate of course completion.


All staff and teaching assistants will be wearing PPE.

Staff at Unite are fully first aid trained.


Drop Off and Pick up's:

We ask if all students who can avoid public transportation to do so. Please use the use of car, bikes, or walking to minimise the risk brought into the studio.

No parents will be allowed into the studio at any point.

Please make sure that you keep to the 2 meters rules when lining up outside to come in. 

We kindly ask if you can not block any fire exists or stairs.

There will be a virtual sign in and out sheet for less contact for the adults as all staff will need to take registers in each class.

If you are running late you will need to ring the doorbell and wait for a member of staff to open the door..

Students personal belongings:

Student must bring their own water bottles and food.

We will not be offering a tuck shop service.

Students can and will be allowed to fill their water bottle up.

Students will have allocated cubby holes and only two students at a time are allowed in the waiting area.

Within the studio:

On arrival into the studio all students will be required to wash their hands prior to placing their belongings away.

All equipment including Ballet Barres, Props will be out of use.

The only equipment that can be used is allocated acrobatics matts. These Matts will have only have one child per Matt and no crossing of matts allowed. These matts will be cleaned after use by a member of staff. We require to use these Matts as a safety for the students in Acrobatics.

We have 6 studio spaces, which we can allocated 10-15 students at a time within these rooms.

All studio spaces will be marked with the correct 2 meters social distancing, and in some studios we can extend this to 3 meters. 

All studios will have hand sanitisers stations, and will need to be used entering and leaving the studios. 

Students will stay in their allocated studio space and it will be the responsibility of the teachers whom will change studios to teach the classes.

All windows will be open to allow for air flow through the studios.

Each group of students will have different allocated break times to avoid crossing of other groups. 

There will be one dedicated assistant whom will accompany students who need the toilet and will clean them after each use making sure the students are abiding by the social distancing rules.

There will be constant cleaning on all surfaces, and floors making sure that we keep the studio as clean as we can.

A suspected case:

A suspected child whom comes down with symptoms during their time with us, will be placed in the allocated first aid room in isolation until the parent picks the student up. (This is the only time an adult will be allowed to enter the studio) The student will be required to go and get a COVID 19 test and report back to us to inform us of the outcome.

If this is Positive we will inform all students who where in that group that they will need to self isolate for 14 days. 

If there is a suspected case in your household you will need to also inform us.

Supporting Children wellbeing:

It is important to us that we support students who may have developed anxieties related to the virus. We will provide a safe, calm and kind environment for all students. 


 The law on protecting personally identifiable information, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allows Public Health England to use the personal information collected by NHS Test and Trace Service.

Therefore if required to do so by the NHS Track and Trace Services, UNITE  will provide the contact details of all children and adults that have been in close contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19 within the setting.

This is in accordance with Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR ‘processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest’.


Full refunds will be given to those who provide a positive COVID-19 test result prior to the event. 

Refunds will be issued if we go into a local of full country lockdown.

Refunds are not issued from Unite Stage Academy unless we cancel the event ourselves. 

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