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Singing lessons poole, dorset


Music cuts straight to the heart and using their own voice to make music is truly an unmatched experience.

Your Childs voice matters and we truly believe that your Childs voice needs to be heard.

Our singing lessons provide your child with the correct training in vocal technique, musicality, pitch, ear-training, song writing, collaboration and stage presence.


Your child will not be bored, as we explore an array of different genres of songs, from pop, rock, to musical theatre. 

Teaching your child to master their musical instrument - their voice - and in doing so they gain an abundance of confidence that carries beyond performance and has a lasting impact.  


We offer both group and private lessons!

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“I'm incredibly shocked at how much my daughter has improved with singing. Confidence, and the maturity of her singing voice has soared. As well has enjoying herself.Without a doubt the best teachers we have had."

Kelly Matthews

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