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Breaking Barriers: Introducing Our Boys-Only Musical Theatre Class!  Register your interest for further details. 

Wednesday Evenings 6.15-7.30 pm with Will

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Why Musical Theatre For Boys?

Empowerment Through Expression

Musical theatre is often stereotyped as being 'feminine'. But if we look back in history, some of the most iconic performers, composers, and directors in the theatre world have been men. From Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim to Hugh Jackman and Lin-Manuel Miranda, men have consistently showcased their talent and passion for the stage. Our new class is designed to encourage boys to embrace this art form without feeling any societal pressure.


Musical theatre is more than just song and dance; it's about storytelling, connecting with emotions, teamwork, and self-expression. Our class aims to build confidence in young boys, helping them discover their unique voice and showcasing their talents fearlessly.


This boys-only class provides a comfortable environment for participants to explore musical theatre without any reservations. By ensuring they’re in a like-minded peer group, it paves the way for mutual encouragement and growth. 


Whether your son, nephew, brother, or friend has a keen interest in acting, singing, or dancing—or simply wants to try something new—our musical theatre class offers an inclusive space for them to flourish. Help us redefine societal norms and inspire the next generation of male performers. Let's change the narrative and show that the stage belongs to everyone!

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