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Are competitions worth it?

Dance, Drama, and Singing Competitions: A Leap Worth Taking?

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When considering dance, drama, and singing competitions, many questions arise. Are they beneficial? What impacts do they have on students? Over time, as we took the leap to engage our students in such competitions, our perspective began to evolve, it honestly worried us a lot to start with.

Initially, the idea of competing might conjure images of "dance moms" , the expectation that only the most skilled students would always bag the prizes, and judgmental teachers might cast a shadow on choreography, song choices or more. One major concern that always hovered was whether a poor performance or not bagging a prize would shatter a student’s confidence. However, our journey with these competitions has revealed more than what meets the eye.

Why We've Grown to Love Competitions

1.Growth Beyond Winning: It became clear that competitions were not solely about winning. They presented opportunities for personal growth, honing skills, and understanding how to handle both successes and setbacks. Every competition was a lesson, and every performance, whether it won an award or not, was a step forward in the learning journey.

2.Building Resilience: Yes, not winning can be disappointing, but it can also be a vital life lesson. Learning how to cope with setbacks and using them as motivation to improve is invaluable. We noticed students becoming more resilient, understanding that there’s always another opportunity around the corner. It also showed students where they may need to improve on performances.

3. A Sense of Community: Far from the stereotype of cutthroat rivalry, we observed students supporting and cheering for each other. They celebrated each other’s successes and provided comfort during setbacks. This made the experience richer and more enjoyable, on top of that we have made some lovely friendships with teachers and local schools, which is something we are advocates for.

4. Constructive Feedback: A good competition provides constructive feedback. This external perspective can be invaluable for students, offering insights that they might not get in their regular classes. It’s not about judgment, but about guidance and growth. It's also wonderful to watch live feedback, which is what Xcite dance competition provided us with. Students and parents thrived from this.

5. Increased Dedication: Preparing for a competition brought out a new level of dedication in our students. The practice sessions became more intense, and the desire to improve was evident. This commitment often translated to their regular classes as well. Not only that we where and are able to provide students with wonderful 1-2-1 lessons, that would help their performance further.

6: Watching others: It's wonderful to watch other students perform, it shows students how diverse everyone can be, their skills and performances. It is also great when watching other students do the same acting or singing song as others, how it could also be performed.

Addressing the Concerns:

Dance Moms' Galore

While enthusiastic parents are often a part of such competitions, it's essential to remember that they come from a place of love and pride for their children. Encouraging parents to support all participants and appreciate the art can make a difference.

All Good Students Will Win: Talent and skill do play a role, but competitions are also about presentation, creativity, and sometimes, luck. Every participant has something unique to bring to the table. Most competitions also have a novice section, which is perfect for dances who haven't entered into competitions before, and usually lasts for a year.

Knocking Student Confidence: As educators, our role is pivotal. Preparing students mentally for competitions, assuring them that their worth isn't tied to a trophy, and being there to guide them through highs and lows can ensure competitions are a source of growth rather than discouragement.

In conclusion, while competitions might not be for everyone, they offer numerous benefits that extend beyond the stage or the dance floor. They're an avenue for growth, learning, and community-building, and with the right approach, they can be a treasured experience in a student's journey.

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