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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Well didn’t we keep this a bit quiet for a long LONG time We are all so super duper proud of two of our students who have auditioned and now are being part of the Westendkids. A number of students we have taught have now achieved this amazing achievement through our excel programs. We couldn’t be prouder of them and our United team who help our students be who they want to be.

Who are West End Kids?

Raising hundreds of West End & Broadway stars since 2001, with a unique blend of ambition, opportunity, motivation, mastery and mindset.- giving young performers the best possible start in life in a dedicated and driven environment where inspirational young people spark each other to rise above their potential.
Having achieved worldwide acclaim, West End Kids grows and nurtures young performers who will exceed their talent – both in the performing arts or in their chosen professions.
Since its inaugural performance in 2001, West End Kids has wowed audiences the world over with its presentations of musical theatre based song and dance, firmly establishing itself as a highly acclaimed entertainment force with a worldwide fan base.
Over the years, thousands of young and talented singer/dancers have performed with West End Kids; and each year, thousands more audition to become the West End Kids of the future! Former West End Kids can be seen perform in the West End, on Broadway and Worldwide.
Renowned for its dazzling song and dance performances, West End Kids regularly performs alongside the casts of professional West End and Broadway shows, more than holding its own despite an average age of just 14 years. The company maintains a busy performance schedule all year round, with invitations to perform at many of the UK’s biggest and most prestigious events, venues, occasions and engagements.

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