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24 months since our last performance

It's not been the easiest of two years, especially as teachers and studio owners, and we don't just talk from our own experiences, we can tell you that this feeling is felt across the world.

However today was a day of celebration and unity.

24 MONTHS, since our students took to the stage for a showcase.

Today was a celebration of the success of the last 18 months, a Unity of students, parents and memories.

EVERY student out done themselves today and shined so bright on stage, making themselves proud, their parents / guardians proud, their teachers proud.

Every single one of you brought tears to our eyes, we cannot express the emotion that we all shared today.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

You don't understand how much today meant to us all

We unite through thick and thin.

We care for you, your child and all that is Unite Stage Academy.

Thank you






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