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As Dance and Musical theatre teachers we meet a lot of young children who have to deal with bullying or struggle with their confidence due to Social Media, or bullying in schools.

We see too many children that fear to do things because of what people may think.

We have helped so many students already with this and now it's time to UNITE.

At Unite, we have UNITED with #DANCEBEFREE to offer children in #Dorset #Poole #Bournemouth FREE Dance and Musical Theatre classes three times a year for 2 hours.

We would love for anyone to enter our safe, loving, family friendly studio where all their troubles can be let go and be in a safe place where you are YOU!

We will work on different dance, musical theatre, explore confidence exercises, build your confidence, and make sure that you really know that you matter. EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

We will encourage and nurture you.

We don’t care if you have never danced a step before, sung a song before, or even acted before.

A couple of our teachers at UNITE where bullied as children for different reasons, and this is our way to give back to the community. Bullying can happen at any age, and even social online bullying can happen in our adult lives, which sadly we have seen happen recently.

NO ONE should have to stand alone and this is where we are here for you! All of you are amazing, all of you can, all of you are loved, and all of you are welcome!

Join us in November - March and June for #DANCEBEFREE

Thank you 🙏🏽 #DANCEBFREE

Please tag and share someone this can help!

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